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Handheld Seed Dispenser
Handheld Seed Dispenser $4.99 $6.99
Dial Seed Dispenser used for planting vegetable seeds. Control the number of seeds dispensed by rotating the lid for the appropriate sized hole. This seed dispenser has a total of 5 different sized seed outlets. Save time and frustration when planting vegetable seeds. Not recommended for small herb seeds or seeds smaller than lettuce. (Smaller seeds are best when sown with seed tweezers). Handheld Seed Dispenser High Quality Plastic 5 Adjustable Dispensing Sizes Easy to Handle Multi-Purpose Tool
Plant Labeling Supplies
Plant Labeling Supplies from $4.99
It's no use planting all those seeds and not knowing where they are!  Use these convenient bedding labels to identify your plantings. 6" x 5/8" white bedding labels come in a pack of 25 and are made from recycled styrene. 4" x 1" economy plastic bedding labels are also a pack of 25 and made from recycled styrene. Sharpie China Markers come with 3 and are black, peel-off china markers.  We've found that these work better than regular Sharpies as they don't fade and handle water perfectly.  You can even re-use the plant labels by cleaning them at the end of the season.  A spritz of WD-40 helps get the wax writing off, and then you can clean the marker with soap and water to have them ready for next year! The Plant Labeling Starter Kit you will receive 25 each of both sizes of labels plus 3 Sharpie China Markers at a huge savings!