Survival Grade Seeds Vaults


What will your family be eating when the lights finally go out?

100% NON-GMO, Heirloom and Open Pollinated

Survival Seeds

Invest in food security and be prepared for any food crisis.

Store Seed Vaults up to 25 years*

Long-term Food Security

Our seed vaults are packed with varieties that will feed your family for years.

100% — Heirloom seeds, non-GMO, open-pollinated, and survival grade!

DON'T GET CAUGHT OFF GUARD — Invest in food security and grow your independence today!


Viable up to 25 years*


No genetic alterations


Harvest again and again


Seeds sourced in USA



It's all we do! Every one of Seed Armory's famous seed vaults contains only 100% survival grade, 100% heirloom seeds, and are always non-GMO. Our seeds, vaults, and packets are kept at low refrigerated temperatures until ready for shipping.

We take this stuff as seriously as you do... become food independent today.

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Survival Vault Super Kit - 77 Varieties

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What our customers are saying

Proof is in the pudding

Survival Vault Worth Every Penny

The seeds from the survival vault have been great! We received the order and started directly sowing. Much to our surprise, within 2 weeks we had three-quarters of our seeds already starting to sprout! We put extra seeds in thinking that some would start and others wouldn't. We were wrong. Whatever we put into the soil is popping up and there weren't any "fillers" (just like they said!)

— Paige H.

Quick to Sprout. Very Pleased!

Great assortment of seeds, I’ll be enjoying growing these for quite a while! They started sprouting very quickly too. Planning to use them in my hydroponic system

— Amy C.

Great packaging and product!

These products are packaged great and I also bought a bundle of other seeds for storage but plan to use some next planting season- instability of current world issues prompted me to be well stocked - love the idea of long term seeds👍🏻

— John M.

Great company, wonderful products

I appreciated the communication with this company, and the value of their products is top-rate. Thrilled with this - I will be back!

— Emily M.

Plans are Useless. Planning is Indispensable. *

Don't Get Caught Off Guard

It's never too soon to start preparing for the unexpected. Plant the seeds for your own delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers now so you can be fully self-sufficient by producing your own food and living off the land in the event of any type of survival situation.

* Dwight D. Eisenhower


"The best way to predict your future is to create it"


"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

Unfortunately, the past several years have been tumultuous and unpredictable at best; no one is immune to the chaos that has become our new normal. The most recent global pandemic, extended military conflicts overseas, and natural disasters in our own country have led to hyperinflated prices, food shortages, and near economic collapse. We've learned the hard way that food scarcity is no longer just a possibility but a terrifying reality.

Gone are the days of fully stocked shelves and affordable prices previously found at big box retailers. These days, even the basic food groups have become unattainable luxuries. The average American doesn't have a spare dime to waste, let alone have the money for soaring grocery bills - especially with an impending recession. Smart individuals don't want to keep looking the other way, struggling to get by each day. They can't afford to bury their heads in the sand any longer; they need to create a better future for themselves and their dependents.

Preparing for a new reality

Invest in Food Security

Preparing for a new reality

Invest in Food Security

Developed with self-reliance, sustainability, and personal security in mind, Seed Armory is the affordable and accessible solution for shelf-stable heirloom seeds designed to produce over a hundred different varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers - providing suitable options in the event of a food shortage crisis.

We make it easy for the hard-working American to "control what you can control" and create the future and security for those that matter the most. Say goodbye to the "shock and awe" when faced with bare-bones shelves and escalated prices at the local food supplier. Stay one step ahead of the naysayers - those who have been long-time critics of survivalists and those in denial about the unpredictable future. But when the s**t hits the fan, as they say, you'll be more than ready to secure your future - you'll be victorious and free to tell the non-believers, "I told you so."

Let's Talk Freedom and Self-reliance

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