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  • Type: Herb Seeds

Oregano Seeds - Italian

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Packed in Resealable Long Life Mylar
Moisture Proof Packets
10+ Year Survival Seed Viability

  • Category: Herb
  • Type: Oregano
  • Variety: Italian
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare
  • Hardiness Zones: 5,6,7,8,9,10
  • Growing Difficulty:  3        
  • Soil PH:  6.0 to 9.0
  • Fertilizer Requirements: None         
  • Soil Type: Average to Rich, Well-Draining
  • Germination (days): 10 - 15
  • Soil Temp for Germination: 60-70°F
  • Lighting Conditions: FULL SUN, PART SHADE
  • Days to Maturity:  80 - 90
  • Planting Depth:  1/4”
  • Distance Apart (in row):  6"
  • Row Spacing: 18 - 24"

Starting Indoors


Growing Tips

Oregano is a simple to grow herb that compliments any garden.

When growing from seed, plant outdoors about 6 weeks before last frost.

If you are planting from a seedling (started indoors) make sure the soil temperature is as least 70°F.

Oregano enjoys well drained and moderately fertile soil. There is no need to add fertilizer.

This variety has the best flavor when grown in full sun, but it will tolerate partial shade. Watering is only required when soil is dry to the touch.

Culinary Uses

Oregano goes great in many cuisines and sauces such as pizza sauce, pasta sauce, olive oil-based dishes and vinaigrettes.

Medicinal Uses

Oregano is used medicinally for its bacteria fighting properties, anti-cancer, antioxidants, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some other common uses include skin sores, muscle aches, asthma, cramping, diarrhea, indigestion, colds and immune boosting.

Harvesting Crops

Wait until the stems are at least 4 inches tall to begin harvesting your Oregano. You can use the leaves by themselves to flavor dishes or cut the stems and dry them to save as dried herbs.

Harvesting Seed

Wait until the oregano flowers and the flowers begin to dry. Clip the flowers (on stem) and bundle them together.

Rubber band the stems and hang them upside down to dry for 2-3 weeks. Once the flowers are completely dried, shake the flower heads in a paper bag to loosen any seeds that are still left inside the flowers.

Safely store and save for next season.

Note - When properly cared for, the Oregano plant will come back year after year without having to replant.

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Oregano Seeds - Italian

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