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Growing and Seed Saving Guide (Paperback)

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The purpose of this Growing and Seed Saving Book is to give an overview of the many types of survival garden plants and how to successfully grow them in a survival scenario. The plants described in this book are Heirloom varieties that have not been genetically modified, therefore may be grown in many different growing regions and environments. These types of plants are best suited for Survival gardens, as they will typically adapt to their environment year after year creating a strong growing crop specific to your area. 

The term “organic” is often confused with things such as “Non-GMO,” or “Heirloom” varieties. Most of the time, people believe that an “organic” seed is the appropriate type of seed for survival. This is not always the case, as “organic” seeds may have simply been harvested from a parent crop that was grown organically with no pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Contrary to popular belief, many Hybrid seeds are actually grown sold and marketed as "Organic" as well. For a true survival garden, you’ll want to find seeds that are at minimum “Heirloom” varieties. These seeds will produce crops with harvest-able seeds that will produce genetically similar crops every year. 

Many people become overwhelmed by the differences in growing each of these varieties and will quickly consider their gardens a failure and give up. In a survival situation, giving up could mean much more than a perishing vegetable garden. It is important to understand not only when to start your seeds, but in what temperature environment they will germinate and become a producing plant. This guide explains everything from germination temperature, to how long germination should take, the types of fertilizer (if any) to use, your days to harvest, how to harvest, and how to harvest the seeds of your plants.

Also included in this book, you will find a ton of information about growing herbs and their medicinal properties. Make your own natural medicine in the event of a survival situation.


How to Use This Book

Varieties Covered:

Achillea – Golden Yarrow

Achillea – White Yarrow

Anise – Pimpinella Anisum

Arugula - Common

Asparagus – Mary Washington

Bachelors Button – Mixed Colors

Basil - Genovese

Basil - Lemon

Bean – Contender (Bush)

Bean – Lima (Henderson)

Bean – Pinto

Bean – Provider

Bean – Topcrop (Bush)

Beet – Detroit Dark Red

Broccoli - Calabrese

Brussels Sprouts – Long Island

Cabbage – Golden Acre

Cabbage – Red Acre

Calendula – Pacific Beauty

Cantaloupe – Hale’s Best Jumbo

Cantaloupe – Honeydew Orange Flesh

Carrot – Scarlet Nantes

Cauliflower – Snowball Y Improved

Celery – Utah 52-70

Chamomile - German

Chives - Common

Cilantro – Coriander

Collard Greens - Vates

Corn – Golden Bantam

Cosmos – Bright Lights

Cucumber – National Pickling

Cucumber – Straight 8

Dill - Common

Echinacea – Purple Coneflower

Egg Plant – Black Beauty


Kale – Dwarf Blue Curled

Lavender – Common English

Lettuce – Butter Crunch

Lettuce – Crisphead Iceberg

Lettuce – Parris Island Romaine

Lettuce – Ruby Red Leaf

Lettuce – Salad Bowl

Marjoram - Sweet

Mustard – Southern Giant Curled

Nasturtium – Jewel Mix

Okra – Clemson Spineless

Onion – Evergreen White Nebuka

Onion – Red Burgundy

Onion – Yellow Sweet Spanish

Oregano - Italian

Parsley – Moss Curled

Pea – Dark Seeded Perfection

Pea – Green Arrow

Pepper – Banana

Pepper – California Wonder

Pepper – Cayenne Long Hot Red

Pepper – Jalapeno

Pumpkin – Sugar Pie

Purslane - Green

Radish – Cherry Belle

Rhubarb - Victoria

Rutabaga – American Purple Top

Sage – Broad Leaved

Savory - Summer

Sorrel – Large Leaf

Spinach - Bloomsdale

Squash – Winter Butternut Waltham

Squash - Winter Spaghetti

Squash - Zucchini Black Beauty

St. Johns Wort

Sunflower - Mammoth Grey

Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant

Thyme - Common

Tomato - Large Red Cherry

Tomato - Delicious

Tomato - Floradade

Tomato - Homestead

Tomato - Rio Grande

Tomato - Roma

Tomato - Rutgers

Turnip - Purple Top

Watermelon - Crimson Sweet

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Growing and Seed Saving Guide (Paperback)

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