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Ultimate 60 Day Harvest Heirloom Seed Super Kit - 49 Varieties

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Maximize Your Garden's Potential with the Ultimate 60 Day Harvest Heirloom Seed Super Kit!

Unlock the secrets to a flourishing garden in just two months with our exclusive Ultimate 60-Day Harvest Heirloom Seed Kit. This meticulously curated bundle combines speed with variety, ensuring your garden is not only quick to produce but also abundant and diverse.

  • 100% non-GMO, heirloom, open-pollinated seeds
  • Sourced from American Growers
  • 49 total seed varieties
  • Over 16,100 seeds

Suitable for USDA Zones 4-9 - What's my zone?

What’s Inside:

  • Rapid Grow Vault: Jumpstart your garden with 21 fast-growing heirloom varieties, poised to deliver quick results that are ready to harvest in 60 days or less.
  • Basics Vault: Establish your garden foundation with 14 essential vegetable varieties, perfect for any home gardener.
  • Culinary Vault: Spice up your kitchen with fresh herbs right from your backyard with this select range of culinary essentials.
  • Myco Lightning Mycorrhizae Inoculant: Supercharge your plants’ roots for enhanced growth and nutrient uptake.
  • Azomite Micronized Powder: Replenish your soil with essential minerals for healthier, more robust plants.
  • Jiffy Pellets: Facilitate seed starting with our convenient bulk bag of 35 42mm pellets and a 40 ct pack of 36mm pellets, ensuring your seeds have the best environment for germination.
  • Deluxe Plant Labeling Set:
    • 100 T Shaped Colored Labels
    • 50 T Shaped labels
    • 50 White Tall Bedding Labels
    • 2 Sharpie China Markers
  • BONUS: FREE 150 page Growing & Seed Saving Guide (eBook, $29.95 value)

Designed for both seasoned gardeners and enthusiastic beginners, this kit not only promises a speedy harvest but also an easy and enjoyable gardening experience. With everything you need to start, nurture, and harvest, your garden will be a source of pride and joy in no time.

Get your garden growing with the Ultimate 60 Day Harvest Heirloom Seed Super Kit and watch as your table fills with fresh, flavorful produce faster than ever before. Perfect for gifting or keeping, this kit is ideal for anyone looking to grow their own food efficiently and effectively.

Order now and experience the joy of gardening with Seed Armory’s quality and commitment.

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Ultimate 60 Day Harvest Heirloom Seed Super Kit - 49 Varieties

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