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100-Hour Emergency Candle, Smokeless

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Stay bright and prepared with's 100-Hour Smokeless Candle. It's the perfect companion for any emergency, designed with survivalists and preppers in mind.

  • Long-Lasting Light: Enjoy up to 100 hours of continuous illumination.
  • Smoke-Free: Clean burning, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Compact & Handy: Fits easily in any emergency kit or shelter.
  • Safe & eco-friendly: Non-toxic materials for a cleaner burn.

Each safe, liquid paraffin fuel cartridge provides a real, flickering flame without the mess or danger of traditional wax candles. There's also less risk of spillage thanks to the durable plastic PET material and aluminum top plate sealing the cartridge.

With this candle, you're not just ready; you're resilient.

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100-Hour Emergency Candle, Smokeless

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