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Farmers Defense Lightweight Work Apron - Green

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Product description

Gear up with our garden apron, designed with multiple pockets for all your tools. Lightweight and protective, it's ideal garden wear. This gardening apron with pockets doubles as a tool apron, keeping your gear at hand. Dress for the task in ultimate gardening protective gear.

  • Effortless garden chores with Farmers Defense Apron
  • Lightweight, waterproof gardening gear
  • Protective garden apron with foldable utility waist
  • Quick-release clips; no knots
  • Pockets for tools and protective garden gear

Measurement at hip:

  • S/M - 36.5 - 44 in
  • L/XL - 42 - 50 in
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    Farmers Defense Lightweight Work Apron - Green

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Aprons-  Have hip measurements of S/M - 36.5 in - 44 in and L/XL - 42 in - 50 in

    Product Wash | Care Instructions

    We recommend machine washing them with a strong detergent on a regular
    cycle. (Preferably with other work clothes and not any delicate items)
    Make sure the Detergent is strong or the resins wont come off. They can
    be machine dried but as with all clothes hang drying will help keep the
    fabric nice longer. 

    Product Guarantee

    Our commitment to superior quality and minimal environmental impact is
    evident in our Farmers Defense gear. Here's how we achieve this:

    We utilize REPREVE polyester, which is derived from recycled plastic
    bottles, in the production of our products. By doing so, we contribute
    to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

    Our packaging is 100% compostable, from the sleeve cardboard to the
    mailers we use to send our products. This eco-friendly approach ensures
    that our packaging materials can naturally decompose without harming the environment.

    Grow in comfort

    Grow in comfort

    Made with REPREVE polyester which is made from recycled plastic bottles

    100% Compostable packaging from the sleeve cardboard to the mailers we send them in.

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