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    Winter Sowing Vault - 20 Non-GMO Heirloom Seed Varieties

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    Seed Armory's Winter Sowing Vault is perfect for those who seek an environmentally conscious way to garden while enjoying a range of robust, healthy vegetables. Get your garden off to a strong start with our Winter Sowing Vault.

    • 20 Seed Varieties
    • Garden varieties that are suitable to plant and grow during winter months
    • Heat-sealed and moisture-proof Mylar packaging
    • FREE Growing and Seed Saving E-book


    • Asparagus - Mary Washington
    • Beet - Detroit Dark Red
    • Broccoli - Calabrese
    • Brussel Sprouts - Long Island
    • Cabbage - Golden Acre
    • Cabbage - Red Acre
    • Carrot - Scarlet Nantes
    • Cauliflower - Snowball Y Improved
    • Collard Greens - Vates
    • Kale - Vates Scotch Blue Curled
    • Kale - White Russian
    • Lettuce - Butter Crunch
    • Lettuce - Crisphead Iceberg
    • Lettuce - Parris Island Romaine
    • Lettuce - Ruby Red Leaf
    • Lettuce - Salad Bowl
    • Onion - Red Burgundy
    • Onion - Yellow Sweet Spanish
    • Radish - Cherry Belle
    • Spinach - Bloomsdale

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    Product description

    Introducing the Winter Sowing Vault from Seed Armory, your perfect solution for an early start to your garden. This collection is specially designed for winter sowing, featuring a selection of vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures. Our vault includes plants that are not only cold-resistant but also flourish during the winter season.

    The Winter Sowing method is both eco-friendly and cost-effective, and it lets you get a great jump on an extended growing season! It involves using recycled containers as mini-greenhouses, a great way to reduce waste and save on gardening expenses. This approach is ideal for gardeners looking to start their planting season early, using a sustainable and efficient technique. Keep reading for more information about Winter Sowing. 

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        Winter Sowing Vault - 20 Non-GMO Heirloom Seed Varieties

        $69.99 USD
        Includes 20 varieties of Heirloom Seeds

        Vegetables that are easy to Grow

        Asparagus - Mary Washington

        Beet - Detroit Dark Red

        Brussel Sprouts - Long Island

        Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

        Kale - White Russian

        Radish - Cherry Belle

        WHAT IS THE


        Winter sowing is a technique for starting seeds outdoors during the winter in mini greenhouses made from recycled containers. For hardy plants and those that need a period of cold stratification, this method works especially well.

        Here are the general steps for winter sowing varieties suitable for this method.

        Collect Containers

        Use clear or translucent containers with lids, such as milk jugs, water bottles, or salad containers. Ensure they are clean and can be sealed or closed.

        Prepare Containers

        Drill drainage holes at the bottom and a few ventilation holes on the top or sides of each container. For milk jugs or similar, cut horizontally almost all the way through, leaving a small section as a hinge.


        Use a good-quality potting mix or seed-starting mix. Moisten the soil before filling your containers to just below the cut or the top.


        Plant the seeds at the depth recommended on the seed packet. Some seeds need light to germinate and should be sown on the surface, while others need to be covered.


        Label each container with the name of the plant and the sowing date using a waterproof marker. This is crucial for keeping track of what you've planted.


        Gently water the seeds into the dirt. The soil should be moist but not waterlogged.


        Close the lids or cover the containers. If you've cut the containers, use duct tape to seal the edges, but leave the top hinge open for ventilation.


        Place the containers outside in a spot where they'll be exposed to rain and snow but not to high winds or heavy foot traffic. Ensure they receive sufficient sunlight as the days lengthen.

        Monitor and Care

        Check the containers periodically. They may need additional watering if the soil starts to dry out, especially as temperatures rise in the spring.


        Once the seedlings have grown and the weather has warmed up, you can transplant them into your garden. Harden off the seedlings by gradually exposing them to outside conditions for longer periods each day over a week or so.

        Remember, the success of winter sowing can vary depending on your local climate and the specific needs of the plants you're sowing. Some seeds may require stratification (a period of cold) to germinate, while others are just hardy enough to survive the winter conditions.
        Some popular questions

        How long will it last in storage?

        • Room Temperature: 3-7 Years
        • Refrigerated: 5-10 Years
        • Frozen (Recommended): 15-25 Years

        Remember... Treat all seeds as if they're a living organism. They will naturally lose viability over time and it's your job to make sure that they've got the best environment to survive (We've already provided the safest packaging).

        The viability of seeds will vary for each type, but our heat sealed and moisture proof resealable packaging will help to keep them healthy for years to come.

        At room temperature, you can expect your seeds to survive from 3-7 years. Stored in a cooler climate, you could easily expect a lifespan of 7 to 25 years. (especially when frozen)

        How do I know what will grow where I live?

        INDOOR: This kit includes individual seed packets that can be used used anywhere indoors.

        OUTDOOR: The USDA website provides a map that can help you determine your specific growing zone.

        The Survival Seeds Super Vault is suitable for USDA Zones 4-9, but may be suitable for other regions if started earlier indoors or using a greenhouse growing method.

        Click here to view the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map


        Seed Armory Survival Standard

        100% NON-GMO PROMISE

        Seed Armory does not offer lab created or genetically modified seed in any of our products. Our products will grow naturally without the genetic need for toxic fertilizers or herbicides like commercially available GMO seeds.


        Our Heirloom Seed Vaults will produce the same great fruits and vegetables year after year. Unlike hybrid seeds, you won't find any mutant vegetables or seedless varieties in our offerings. 

        The Heirloom varieties offered in our vaults will produce genetically similar fruits and vegetables from every seed harvested. Yes, you can save your seeds and re-plant them every year. That's the point of our Heirloom Survival Seed Kits

        100% OPEN-POLLINATED

        The seeds contained in our Survival Vaults are completely Open-Pollinated. No fancy footwork is needed to get these plants to reproduce, just natural pollination by the Birds and the Bees... as well as other natural pollinators.