Silica Gel Desiccant Pack Moisture Absorbers - Pack of 100


Each order comes in a resealable bag of 100 - 1/2 gram packets

Moisture is the enemy of long-term seed preservation.  These silica gel packs are safe and environmentally friendly and can be added to your resealable seed packets after you open them to help keep the remaining seeds fresh.  The desiccant contains harmless sorbent just as you would find in a medicine bottle, and they even change colors to indicate if moisture is present.

Not only that, these silica gel packs can be "recharged" if they have absorbed moisture. Just heat them in an oven to 250°F for 1–2 hours. Once restored, they will return to the original orange color indicating that they are restored to their original state and are ready to absorb moisture again!

An especially good way to make sure seeds are DRY BEFORE FREEZING for optimal long-term viability!

Silica gel packs are one of the CHEAPEST and EASIEST ways to make sure your seeds remain moisture free and viable for years to come!



Every one of Seed Armory's famous seed vaults contains only 100% survival grade, 100% heirloom seeds, and are always non-GMO. Our seeds, vaults, and packets are kept at low refrigerated temperatures until ready for shipping.

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