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Red Wiggler Composting Worm Mix

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Get a Free Urban Worm Thermometer with the purchase of Red Wigglers! A $13 value.

Red Wigglers, aka eisenia fetida are the most common composting worms as they can tolerate the greatest range of environmental conditions. Expect 800-1000 worms per pound. 

Your worms will ship via USPS Priority packed in dry peat moss to prevent overheating.

If received by Friday at 5PM EST, your order will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday!

We guarantee live delivery - and we will reship again at our expense -  but in the event of a dead-on-arrival shipment, please send an image or video within 2 hours of delivery!

Note: These worms may have some amount of other composting worms species mixed in. If you are looking for pure red wiggler stock, please purchase our Pure Red Wigglers!

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Red Wiggler Composting Worm Mix

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