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  • Type: Seed Starting

Jiffy Pellets (42mm)

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Begin your garden journey confidently when you use our jiffy pellets to germinate your 100% heirloom seeds. These starter pots for seeds are perfect for nurturing your heirloom vegetable seeds. An essential part of any seed starter kit, our Jiffy Pellets ensure a smooth starting process.
  • 42mm
  • 100% Non-GMO heirloom vegetable seeds compatible
  • Biodegradable Jiffy peat pellets for easy seed starting
  • Compressed seed starter soil expands for growth
  • Starter pots for seeds minimize transplant shock
  • Convenient seed starter trays ensure quick germination
  • Expands to over 1.5 inches tall
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Jiffy Pellets (42mm)

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