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  • Type: Vegetable Seeds

Corn Heirloom Seeds - Stowells Evergreen Sweet

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Packed in Resealable Long Life Mylar
Moisture Proof Packets
10+ Year Survival Seed Viability

  • Category: Vegetable
  • Type: Corn
  • Variety: Stowells Evergreen
  • Family: Poaceae (Grasses)
  • Botanical Name: Zea mays
  • Hardiness Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Growing Difficulty:  2        
  • Soil PH:  6.5 to 8.0
  • Fertilizer Requirements:  Nitrogen
  • Soil Type: Deep, Well-Drained
  • Germination (days): 7 to 14
  • Soil Temp for Germination: 60-65°F
  • Lighting Conditions: FULL SUN
  • Days to Maturity:  70 – 85
  • Planting Depth:  1”
  • Distance Apart (in row):  6"
  • Row Spacing: 36"


Sowing Instructions


Starting Indoors


Growing Tips

Plant your Evergreen Sweet Corn directly into the ground when soil temperatures are between 60-65°F. Continuously plant corn every 2 weeks for a continual crop all summer.

In sandy soil, plant your corn 2" deep, or in clay type soils, plant your seeds 1" deep.

Culinary Uses

Great when boiled or grilled directly on the cob. You may also sheer the kernels off the cob, blanch and freeze for a future use. This corn does particularly well when canning as well.

Harvesting Crops

Harvest your Evergreen Sweet Corn when the silk has started to turn brown, or when you have inspected the cobs and found them to be ready for use.

Harvesting Seed

Harvesting corn for seed is simple.

Allow your corn stalks to fully dry and turn brown. Once your corn is dried, the kernels should be dry and hard to the touch. Harvest your corn cobs and twist the cobs in your hands to break off the kernels from the cob. Store you corn kernels in a cool dry area for use in next years growing season.


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Corn Heirloom Seeds - Stowells Evergreen Sweet

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