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  • Type: Herb Seeds

Chamomile Seeds - German

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  • Category: Herb
  • Type: Chamomile
  • Variety: German
  • Family: Daisy
  • Botanical Name: Matricaria Chamomilla
  • Hardiness Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Growing Difficulty:  2
  • Soil PH:  5.6 to 7.5
  • Fertilizer Requirements:  None
  • Soil Type: Rich, Dry, Well-Draining
  • Germination (days): 7 to 14
  • Soil Temp for Germination: 65-85°F
  • Lighting Conditions:  Partial Shade/Full Sun
  • Days to Maturity:  60 – 90     
  • Planting Depth:  Surface
  • Distance Apart (in row): 4-6"
  • Row Spacing: 6-12"


Sowing Instructions


Starting Indoors


Growing Tips

Chamomile grows best in cool and partly shaded areas. Soil should be mostly dry and does not need fertilizer as this can cause weak foliage and fewer flowers. Do not fret about a missed watering, this powerful plant is drought tolerant and does not require much water.

Culinary Uses

Chamomile leaves tend to be bitter and should be used sparingly but are edible. The blossoms are sweet and are great for desserts like ice cream, custard, and baking. Flowers are also a great garnish or used to add a flavorful statement in salads.

Medicinal Uses

Chamomile is thought to be able to treat upset stomach and assist as a natural sleep aid. Often found in soaps, lotions and cosmetics, Chamomile is credited with being a great skin care herb.

When distilled into an oil, it is often used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

Harvesting Crops

Chamomile flowers will bloom all summer, allowing for a bountiful harvest. The flowers are ready once they fully open (unlike calendula). Simply pluck the flower head from the stem and allow it to dry in an airy environment, away from sunlight. If the flowers are left too long, this annual plant with self-seed and may surprise you with many new starts the next year.

Harvesting Seed

Once the flowers are done blooming, the seeds should be visible. Harvest the seeds by placing the flower heads in a brown paper bag and shaking. They should easily fall out of the flower heads and once separated from the chaff, all that is left is to store them in a cool dry place until next growing season.

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Chamomile Seeds - German

$3.79 USD

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