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Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault
Basics Vault

Basics Vault

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Product Type : Survival Kits

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11 Total Varieties - $4,179 Total Est Crop Value

Average Bundled Packet Price - $2.45/packet

Total Packet Price (Purchased Individually) - $34.61

100% Non-GMO
100% Heirloom
100% Open-Pollinated

Suitable for USDA Zones 4-9 - What's my zone?

Made in the U.S.A.

The Seed Armory Basics Vault contains your standard garden varieties. Suitable for growing in a small garden plot to supplement your existing produce consumption. 

11 Total Seed Varieties

Our Basics Vault was designed with the typical property owner in mind. You could easily harvest the rewards of this vault from a small city lot or neighborhood yard. These varieties will fill a pantry with plenty of preserved goods and supply your family with a great supplemental food source for years to come.

All of the varieties we carry are Open Pollinated, 100% Heirloom & Non-GMO. This means you'll be able to harvest the seeds from your crops year after year and you'll never need to buy seeds again.

How long will it last?

Seed viability for most varieties will vary quite a bit. However, our heat sealed, moisture proof and resealable mylar packets are what makes our seeds "Survival Grade." Seeds are germination tested and heat sealed to preserve optimal survival rates.

At room temperature, you can expect your seeds to survive from 3-7 years. Stored in a cooler climate, you could easily expect a lifespan of 7 to 25 years. (especially when frozen)

Room Temperature: 3-7 Years
Refrigerated: 5-10 Years
Frozen (Recommended): 15-25 Years

Our packaging will provide medicinal security and insurance for years to come. It's the only survival insurance policy that will heal your family in an emergency.

Medicinal Vault Heat Sealed Packets

Why is it so valuable?

Our Medicinal Vault contains 14 varieties of Herbs and Flowers that all contain specific medicinal properties. These herbs are a must-have in your survival garden, seeing as medicine may become the very key to your survival.

Current Retail Potential: $4,179

(Value calculated as of 1/21/22)

Value is an estimate based on projected yield of crops that these plants provide.

Our Basics Vault can provide over $4,179 worth of produce from this one bag! We've paid special attention to the space required to grow the seeds in this vault. Maximize your growing potential and minimize your grocery bill. 

Disclaimer: Retail Values are calculated based upon optimal expected crop output. Consideration was taken for individual herbs dried expected weight and current retail values per pound. Prices for dried herbs change regularly, Seed Armory does not guarantee production quantities or retail ability of crops.


Basics Vault Varieties

  • Bean - Contender - 28g (avg 60 seeds)
  • Broccoli - Green Calabrese - 1150mg (avg 300 seeds)
  • Kale - Blue Scotch Curled - 600mg (avg 180 seeds)
  • Lettuce - Salad Bowl - 525mg (avg 500 seeds)
  • Onion - Yellow Sweet - 835mg (avg 190 seeds)
  • Pea - Dark Seeded - 28g (avg 150 seeds)
  • Pepper - California Wonder - 500mg (avg 60 seeds)
  • Radish - Cherry Belle - 4.0g (avg 400 seeds)
  • Spinach - Bloomsdale - 990mg (avg 75 seeds)
  • Squash - Zucchini Black Beauty - 2.4g (avg 20 seeds)
  • Tomato - Homestead - 250mg (avg 90 seeds)

That's over 2,000 Quality Seeds Total

Growing & Seed Saving Guide

Normally $29.95 (Included Free)

Our Growing and Seed Saving Guide is packed full of more than 150 pages of helpful information for:

  • Starting Your Garden
  • Growing Tips
  • Culinary Uses
  • Medicinal Uses
  • Harvesting Crops
  • Seed Saving for Next Season

Delivered Electronically - Add the paperback version and get a special discount when purchased with any vault.

Growing & Seed Saving Guide

Where will they grow?

Our Heirloom Seed Vaults are strategically assembled to include a vast range of USDA Growing Zones.

The Independence Seed Vault is suitable for USDA Zones 4-9.

From the Desert Southwest to the Plains of Montana, the Medicinal Seed Vault will provide quality medicinal crops for your family. Use our Growing & Seed Saving Guide to learn everything you need to know about starting your seeds in your area.

Click the map below to go directly to the USDA website to determine your specific growing zone.

USDA Zone Map

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