Myco Lightning
Myco Lightning $21.99
*Myco Lightning Ships Free - when combined with orders Over $100 Myco Lightning is a Mycorrhizal Fungi that is essential for the health of your plants. You'll find Mycorrhizae colonizing in the root system of plants, but what you may not know is how this Fungi colony can seriously increase the production of your plants when added as an amendment.  My does Mycorrizhal Fungi do? Mycorrhizae increases the available surface area of the plants root system to maximize the intake of nutrients and water absorption. The root system of the plant and the fungi colony around the roots work in harmony to feed each other and provide EXPLOSIVE GROWTH for the plant growing above the soil.  When to Apply Mycorrhizal fungi works best when you use it at the seed starting or planting stages. However, even plants that are already established stand to benefit greatly from the use of this amazing fungi.  If you're starting from seed, always mix into seed starter medium before planting seeds.  When transplanting, always apply around root ball to lessen the amount of shock the plant may experience and to provide a quick boost of nutrient uptake to the recently relocated plant.  In vegetation state, it is beneficial to add a top dressing around the base of the plant and gently tamp or mix into the surface layer of soil. Follow this with a localized watering around the base of the plant. Instructions Seed Starting: Add to moist seed starter medium and thoroughly mix before planting. Approximately 1/2tsp per cell if using a 72-cell seed starter tray or 1020 tray. If using alternative sized cells, make sure to use approximately 12tbsp total per 10x20 sized tray. Transplanting: Create a hole large enough for the existing root ball and apply directly to moist root ball, as well as the newly dug hole. Top Dressing: Apply directly around base of plant and gently tamp or mix into top layer of soil.  Container Mixing 1-3 Gallon | 1-2tbsp5-7 Gallon | 4-6tbsp10-20 Gallon | 1/2 cup25-50 Gallon | 1 cup100 Gallon | 2 cups1020 Seed Tray | 3/4 cup
Azomite Micronized Powder for Sale
Azomite - Micronized Powder $8.99
*Azomite Ships Free - when combined with orders Over $100 Azomite is a micronized volcanic dust contains rare earth minerals called lanthanides. These minerals are easily consumed by soil micro-organisms and increase the CEC of the soil. Plants of all types will thrive in soil amended with Azomite®. When to Apply Apply at a rate of 1lb per 100sq ft of garden at first tilling. Additionally, you may apply weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly in localized watering (base of plant only). You cannot over-mineralize your soil. So, there is no need to worry about accidentally using a higher dilution or harming your plants. Instructions Soil Amendment: Apply at 1lb per 100sq ft of garden space. Shallow till to a depth of 2-3 inches after application.  General Watering: Mix 2.5tbsp per gallon of water. Compost Tea: Mix 1tbsp per 5 gallons of compost tea. Potted Plants: Mix 1tsp per 2" of pot diameter. (e.g. 4in pot = 2tsp | 8in pot = 4tsp | 12in pot = 6tsp) 0-0-0.2 Soluble Potash - 0.2% Calcium - 1.5% Magnesium - 0.5% Chlorine - 0.1% Sodium - 0.1%