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Ultimate Garden Starter Set

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Don't get stuck with seeds you can't grow. We've gathered the BEST SELLING ACCESSORIES you'll need to start organizing and growing your survival garden!

The Seed Armory Ultimate Starter Set contains the following items:

  • Myco Lightning - a mycorrhizal fungi that helps maximize nutrient intake and water absorption - 1 pound bag.

  • Azomite - another wonderful soil enhancer that adds minerals to the soil - 1 pound bag.

  • Jiffy Pellets - these compressed peat pellets are a convenient, no-mess way to start your seeds and then easily transfer them into the ground with minimum shock to the plant and its roots.  You will receive 40 of the 36mm size and 35 of the 42mm size. 

  • 2 Handheld Seed Dispensers

  • Seed Savings Packets - Extra resealable seed bags to help preserve your seeds.  Perfect if you want to split some batches of seeds and save some for planting and some to store or freeze. Pack of 50.

  • Silica Gel Desiccant Packs -  Moisture is the enemy of seed preservation.  Use these moisture absorbing packs inside your opened seed packets to keep them dry.  Pack of 100.

  • Plant Labeling Supplies - Keep your plant beds organized with these convenient bedding labels that stick into the soil.  You will receive 50 each of 2 different types of reusable labels and 2 china markers to write on them.

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Ultimate Garden Starter Set

$144.99 USD

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