What will your family be eating when the lights finally go out?

There's no better investment than food security.

100% survival grade - it's all we do

Every one of Seed Armory's famous seed vaults contains only 100% survival grade, 100% heirloom seeds, and are always non-GMO. Our seeds, vaults, and packets are kept at low refrigerated temperatures until ready for shipping.

We take this stuff as seriously as you do... become food independent today.

Invest in Seed Armory Survival Grade Seeds

why wait?

At Seed Armory we've almost made it too easy to be ready for the next crisis. We've got the tools, the know-how and the 100% heirloom seeds that you need to become truly self-sufficient... So USE THEM!

From the people
From the people
"When I placed my order the kit only showed two kits. I was surprised to find three separate kits when I opened the package. Survival Vault, Medicinal Vault and Culinary Vault. I emailed thinking I received the wrong one and the owner emailed back saying that they were just getting ready to upgrade. Who does that? I don't know of anytime I ever ordered something that someone upgraded for free. Either way I was excited. It may sound stupid but I felt like I hit a small jackpot. I never win anything"
— Ron Davidson
From the people
"I never leave reviews, but this product deserves one. Out of all of the seed vault kits that I've ordered over the years, this one is by far the best of the best. I was hesitant to order because of the price, but ended up catching it on sale and pulled the trigger. I'm glad I did. Ordered on Amazon and ebay in years past, always had issues with seeds arriving and falling out of weird ziplock style bags or labels that simply said "Corn". Seed Armory kits are totally different from the others I've had previously. 5 STARS"
— Lisa Johnson
From the people
"I didn't realize how many seeds came in this kit when I bought it. I'll be growing food for years!! I picked through and chose the ones that I wanted and gave the others to my kids and grandkids. The packets included in the kit are the same exact packets that they sell at retailers. Every packet is professionally labeled and had planting instructions and a barcode on back. Stupid proof... Serious BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!"
— Greg Stewart